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13.7 billion years since the universe was born. and 4.6 billion years since the earth was. "Today" exists now after the time of eternity. We honored the chaotic today and wanted to deliver joy and dreams to future children.

People living in a heartful society are sure to be full of smiles. Supposing God which manages everything exists, God is pleased with it and is surely looking forward to it.

KAGRA, a Japanese character, is written that God is glad. This is our vision heading to the future.

By exploration and implementation of storage technology,
We will raise the sustainability of society.

Battery Sustainment System

Performance maintenance, recovery, prolongation of life of Lead acid Battery with micropulse method.

Battery deterioration

The biggest cause of lead-acid battery deterioration is "Sulfation(PbSO4)" on the surface of the negative electrode.

Performance recovery by micropulse

Micropulse dissolves sulfation, and battery performance will recover.

Prolongation of life

As a result, battery life is dramatically improved.On average it is more than doubled.

Other Technologies

"Capacitor Battery" with our CMS is suitable for independent power supply on harsh places.

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KAGRA Corporation (KAGRA INC.)
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Capacitor Management System

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